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Nitty Scott
Female MCs? Lyrics, word play and story- telling, who comes to mind when you think of a Female MC. Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, YO-YO, Laurn Hill, Lil Kim. The Hip Hop industry being driven by gimmicks and sex appeal we don’t get too see or hear a true Female MC.

Nitty Scott, who refers to herself as the hip-hop gypsy because she was born in Michigan, raised in Florida and paid in New York. From watching her YouTube video “Tell Somebody,” the way she flows and her style you can hear that Nitty Scott wants to preserve the essence of lyricism in Hip Hop.

“My shit deep, mainstream won’t peep, So I just sweep the street and tell the sheep to go to sleep, I just freak the beat and move your sneakers when I speak, I just bring the heat, it melts your speakers when it leak, Rich in the mind, ignorance so costly, So I’m dealin’ ‘em, killin’ em, not softly
Cause I’m only two decades with a knack. For these tracks, not a Gatt, so yeah, fuck that, Non-profit in your socket, pro bono prophet, Rockets in my pocket and I know you tryna’ knock it.”

Support Nitty Scott, visit NittyScottMC.com or give my name a YouTube search. Viva La BOOMBOX!

Written By by Jessica Viera

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