Kidd’s Picks Round 2

What up y’all its kidd russell. I first wanted to say, this round was way harder to judge then the first one. Everyone in this round definitely has a lot of talent and took their time putting together solid verses and ideas to one of DRE’s best produced tracks! You could literally fart over this track and it would sound dope but each artist did their thing. Here’s my list:

1) MULA: I have to give the number one spot to MULA. I wanted originally to give it to Ransom who had some crazy lines. But then I heard Mula, who not only had the most polished flow but overall he had the best put together track. Even though he’s an indie artist its important that your shit sounds like fire. Weather he mixed it or a engineer this was very well polished mixtape ready track from the ad libs to the punchlines being doubled. I like that he was savy enough to plug his social media. Most importantly he had great lines especially the swayze joint, kept rapping over the break down and just brought it the most industry career ready sound of the competition yet.

1.5) Ran$som: Fuck!!! I couldn’t put my man at number 2 so I gave Rasom the 1.5 spot. Bro if you didn’t have so much re-verb I may have gave you the 1 but first suggestion I would work with an engineer or just keep practicing your mixing. Ransom had some of the most original lines of the competition and some great flow but overall just wasn’t as game ready as Mula. Keep grinding homie you got something!!

2) Motive: Motive definitely had a very polished sounding track similar to Mula. The old muslim line had me rolling. And I’m feeling him as much as the 1st 2 artists. I just think he wasn’t as original as Ransom and didn’t sound as tight as Mula that’s why I gave him number 2 spot. I will say I’m not sure if Motive is from the west coast but you definitely sounded right at home over this track. Keep it up Bru!!!

3) M.A.G.Z. : Good job bro. I liked that fact that you free styled a lot of this off the top the game needs more of that. But overall just a little bit less ready sounding then the top guys. Keep it up bro you got an original sounding voice and sometimes thats all you need to get ahead….

4) City: I think your at a point where your finding your style! Felt like your off beat a little and rushing to many words in your rhymes. I think you sound like the artist you want to be like instead of who your gonna be. You said a lot of dope shit but sounded like you need to tighten up some of your skills maybe work with a producer to find your style. In a crazy way you remind me of myself when I first got started. Keep up the grind dude you definitely got the passion and fire behind your words……!! I’ll take a passionate and hungry MC over most talented dudes any day that’s why I’m still in the game I just worked harder then everyone.


-Kidd Russell

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