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Motive – Victory Lap Review

Motive drops his latest mixtape this week “Victory Lap” the 3rd mixtape from the Miami based artist. This mixtape showcase a much more developed artist then his previous mixtapes and the tracks “Thank God”, “Kush Still Burnin” and “Sunny Day” definitely have the potential to be hit singles. The mixtape also includes a revamped version of “Famu [...]

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Dank Glass from

Big shout outs to for hooking us up with some sweet glass!                               A Sweet Mini Hookah                 and A Dope Hammer Bubbler!

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Dank Diffuser Beads!!!!!

Diffuser Beads Review So the cool people at Diffuser sent us some packs of their beads to try out! I put on some Wiz Khalifah on spirit of the black and yellow beads and began my scientific testing. It was a good thing we had 2 bottles of Diffuser beads because my roommate’s bong is a beaker [...]

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