Bagz N Treez

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Bagz and Treez is the underground Hip Hop duo who is making the world a better place one toke at a time. They came together to make that killer chronic music that leaves the listener’s third eye dilated and higher then they ever been. Blazing up tracks and sacks of herb Bagz and Treez represent the real Hip Hop culture and their music reflects a bridging of the old school master of ceremonies tradition to the new school evolution. Their sound is one of a kind giving birth to their own form of Hip Hop Soul Funk which they dubbed DANK HOP. They are pure independent artists as they are not signed nor plan to be to a part of the major music industry that they feel is killing their beloved Hip Hop culture in the first place. They run their own company on their own terms.
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Bagz originally from the gritty streets of Rochester, NY got his music start with Gloomy Knights performing and recording hardcore hip hop tracks. After a couple years with Gloomy Knights he felt he needed to put down the microphone. Even after working at dead end jobs he knew he could never give up music as he started experimenting producing his own instrumentals and so his musical evolution brought him to Florida as he was going study to become an audio engineer. Things to did not go according to the original plan as destiny came in and shifted his reality and he never did enroll in school as he dropped the idea of going to school for something that he could teach himself. The reality shifting event was moving right next door to Grand master Treez who was throwing shows in the Orlando, Florida area at the time. They first met when Treez came up to Bagz one day to invite him out to a 4/20 show. Bagz had a studio in the home and invited Treez inside to see the studio. After a couple of bowls and a freestyle session life would not be the same for the two of them.

Grand Master Treez born in sunny Miami, FL starting writing and recording as an MC at age 14. He worked with Phraydoe Peans in creating a movement in Central Florida. After high school he thought that being an MC the one thing he loved was not realistic for him so he dropped his passion and enrolled into film school. In film school he became a talented director and editor and started his own media company called Media One and directing his own films. Yet he dropped out of film school to do his own thing as something was always keeping him going to be purely independent. It wasn’t until meeting Bagz and having those freestyle sessions that sparked his fire and got him back on the path to continue in the grand master legacy of being a master of ceremonies.

Both of them originally from opposite sides of the east coast came together through destined forces to bring some dank nuggets to the Hip Hop Table and match with the Gods. Bagz dropped his first mixtape called “Paper or Plastic” in 2010 which is an introduction to his personality. And Grand Master Treez just released his first mixtape called “Hydroponix” which in turn shows the personality of Grand Master Treez. They are now in production for the Bagz and Treez album which should drop in the summer of 2012 along with the Bagz and Treez film.


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Click HERE to download “Grand Master Treez: HYDROPONIX The Mixtape”

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