J. Cole to Perform in Hometown

J Cole

J Cole

Any Rap regular has probably heard the name J. Cole by now.  Being by far the most versatile new artist Hip Hop is currently equipped with, I even wrote a review of his debut album not too long ago.  You can read it here

It’s safe to assume that after reading that, I am not surprised that he got nominated for a Grammy as the “Best New Artist”.  Anybody who has had any sort of affiliation with a person who lived a past like his (or IS that type of person) can tell you that his words ring true in his music.  All of his fans know this, and he most surely has a lot of those waiting for him to perform in his hometown of Fayetteville, North Carolina.  As a thank you for them, he will be hosting a special celebration with the upcoming “Dreamville Weekend”.  This will be a three day event that will be held to honor his success, and to hopefully spur inspiration among all those who live around him.

It will be sponsored in part by Hennessy V.S., a visit to his alma matter Terry Sanford High School, and a celebrity dinner, as well as the announcement of J. Cole Day in the town.  That bit caught me by surprise, but I’m sure anyone who lives near somebody who has become a celebrity can relate to it.

Here’s to hoping that this young man can continue his success in Hip Hop, and provide it with the new life that it could use.

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