Coolio And His Son in The Same Prison



It is a sad fate, but rappers seem to get arrested left and right all the time.  We all know this, but keeping up with who is in jail and who is not is always important in the Hip Hop community, right?

Joining the ranks, alongside his son, is Coolio for two active bench warrants for traffic violations.  The “Gangsta’s Paradise” rapper was supposedly pulled over for a routine traffic stop a couple days ago.  The cops then ran his name through the system, and he was taken away to Clark County Detention Center.  There, he will be paying a visit to Grtis, his son, who is also being incarcerated for robbing a man at gunpoint a while back.

His bail is currently at $5,850, with no court date set at the moment.  Only time will tell what happens to him next.

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