Neako – Zebra Gang

Neako is the leader of Zebra Gang out of the Taylor Gang crew. Your probably wondering what the hell is Zebra Gang and the best way to understand Neako is to listen to his mixtape LVLZEBRA that has 20 tracks.



Neako has a cleaver way he spits his rhymes it has an hypnotizing effect that draws you in to listen. I am not sure why Neako choose a Zebra to symbolize his music, but I think it’s because he is far from ordinary. The first track LVLerica Garden and I instantly gravitated to his music because the production is unconventional, witty and super seductive. Neako is definitely out the box of what is considered popular by main stream count downs like on Sucka Free or 106 Park.

Everybody knows that with technology being available everyone has access to play around with beats and studying certain artist like Soulja Boy there is a formula that you can follow to put a hit out for radio to play. In order to have a successful anthem we all know you need to have a good beat and a catchy hook that has to do with a dance move, women or cars? LVL FCKM is number 14 on his mixtape and he definitely challenges a way to put an anthem out. I don’t want to give away the lyrics but the track is smooth, gutter and intriguing. The track isn’t over the top where you won’t get it but this man will give Drake, Kanye West, Swiss Beats and Just Blaze a run for their money. Neako is a giant and who ever doesn’t know needs to wake up.

by Jessica Viera


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