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Trap Back

Trap Back


Gucci Mane, some of you may cringe when he opens his mouth or you love him. When you think of the south and its particular sound you cannot leave Gucci Mane out of it. Gucci Mane has been very prominent in the industry making his music known to a wide audience and having a huge commercial appeal. His new mixtape  Trap Bac  has 19 tracks.  Lyricism doesn’t come to mind when you listen to the mixtape, but it has all the components of bonafied gangsta music.


Here is an example of Gucci  rapping of incidents in his life that are true, “ When I first started Back in 1995 I wasn’t  moving keys I was buying 1.5 I starting coming up junkies recognize my face paid a quarter million dollars to beat a murder case,” Back in 95 produced by Sonny Digital


This hook is from number 4 on his mixtape “Imma walking lick, Imma  talking brick, talking shit,”   The name of the song is Walking Lick Ft  Waka Flocka produced by Mike Will. You can see how in his time of dealing drugs how he went about it.


Here is another example of how his simple lyrics pulls you in to listen, “This watch right here cost ninety thousand plain jane, but i am gonna put some watch off in it anyway you haters gonna hate on you like in a way, so i am gonna put some words on my shit anyway, anyway in a way anyway way i thought that i can find another any day any day in a way anyway in a way It’s not that hot outside but i am gonna drop it anyway”  Plain Jane ft. Rocko


 Every track has a sick beat that makes you want to bob your head and a catchy hook that you cannot get out of your head. Gucci Mane has done time, he reminds you of a time when rappers didn’t fabricate stories to get street credit.


By Jessica Viera

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