Featured Artist: Rocky Diamond

Rocky Diamond

Rocky Diamond is a 19- year old native of Minneapolis, MN. He has been rapping since his early teens and also produces. He started posting videos on YouTube and instantly started a huge fan base. His mixtape The Diamond Life 2 is smooth, good word play and his hooks and beats will make you bob your head. Here are a couple of songs that really stood out on his mixtape.

Cash&Profit ft. Chrishan ( produced by Chrishan) “Sippin on gin and juice smoked out watching juice, glass jars on the table sorted out by the fruit , bitchez ain’t shit I pass them to the homies, man yo bitch is a hoe, like she married Tony, OK I’m psycho”

Back Then by Rocky Diamonds (produced Sdot Fire) “Ok I’m smokin till my lungs fly away, fly away , I hope that this erase away all my pain, all my pain, taking toots of the plain, so I am straight, so I’m straight, these lame niggaz know me, not the same”

Rocky Diamond isn’t trying to sell you gimmick, what he talks about comes out naturally and you can hear it. You can envision his story with his creative production and word play.

Written by Jessica Viera

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