Erick Sermon Close to Cardiac Arrest?

Erick Sermon
It wasn’t too long ago that the rapper Heavy D passed away.  It goes back to November of last year, when the shocking news reverberated across the Hip Hop community.  Some fans are still trying to learn how to cope with it.  Many of them have, of course, gotten over the loss, but a new shock hit them just a few days ago.

Erick Sermon had a heart attack today,” DJ Scratch tweeted.  Ever since then, people have been scrambling for any news concerning the endangered artist, and all there’s ever been since then is fan support from chatrooms all across the internet.  In fact, the common question was whether he was going to make it or not.  Then another tweet was posted, stating, “He’s OK, but still send your prayers.”

I can only breathe peacefully now, knowing that he is fine.  For all of his fans, this sudden event triggered a flow of nostalgia in their minds, mostly going back to the days when Sermon helped to push Rap music into the mainstream.  He has worked as a rapper and a producer on many occasions, and by the sound of things, he should will be going strong.

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