Drake Being Sued By Ex?



It’s a typical tale to hear of somebody’s ex-girlfriend/ex-boyfriend coming back to bite them in the back for something they may have done wrong.  Sometimes it stings really hard, and the point gets across to all those who are watching or listening.  Other times, it goes unnoticed, but when you’re a major celebrity, that’s a rare fate.

Drake, the famous Canadian rapper that we all know of, is now coming under fire from Ericka Lee over his song “Marvin’s Room”.  Just like with the case regarding Dominguez and the song “Airplanes Pt. II”, Lee is claiming that her vocals were in the song, as she was some of the voice mail monologues, and that she never received any compensation whatsoever.  She now has a lawyer on her side by the name of Neville Johnson, who is the same man who got involved with another case against Drake over unauthorized sampling.

Lee did acknowledge that Drake had told her about the song a long time ago via text messaging, and that he initially agreed to meet up with her to pay her money for her feature.  However, he didn’t stick to his word for some reason, and now it’s costing him even more cash!  I guess it’s true that when you’re a big person in the world, you get to deal with taking some hard hits.


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