Christine Dominguez Files Lawsuit Over “Airplanes”

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Many Hip Hop listeners are familiar with a track by the name of “Airplanes” that was released as the 2nd single off of B.o.B.’s B.o.B. Presents:  The Adventures of Bobby Ray.  It has so far served as B.o.B.’s highest debuting track, but it has recently come under flack from a songwriter who claims she was not credited for her production in it.

Christine Dominguez

Christine Dominguez

Christine Dominguez recently filed a lawsuit against the other two producers (Kinetics and One Love, whose real names are Jeremy Dussolliet and Tim Sommers) who worked on “Airplanes”, stating that she created the melody and chorus for it, along with some of the background melodies and other contributions.  She says, “In a transparent effort to keep all the credit and earnings for themselves, despite Dominguez’ substantial contribution to the joint work, defendants omitted her from the listing as the author of “Airplanes” on the 2010 release and elsewhere. Nor have defendants accounted to Dominguez for revenues derived, either from the 2010 release, or any other source.”

Dominguez did go on to mention that she was thanked on a song in an album they later released titled Kinetics & One Love: Fading Back to Normal, but she didn’t see that as complementary enough, especially since that album’s sales were abysmal.  Overall, she is suing for a multitude of things, including unfair competition, unjust enrichment, copyright infringement, and the absence of personal revenues for the song.

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