Sweden’s Nemonic “Wicked Dreams”

(Staten Island, NY) October 13th- Wicked Dreams is haunting your ears and infecting your mind on October 31st. The chilling production is mainly done by Nemonic from Sweden with one guest production from Doc Zootz. Wicked Dreams is a collaborative concept Hip Hop album including an enormous amount of features such as Philly’s own Reef The Lost Cauze of AOTP. Other features include 7th Sinful, King Sod, Dro Pesci, Ace Murder, Mark Deez, Paul Marz, Infinite Marvelous, Powder, Cody, Formaldahyde Dankenstein, Dialect, Robbie G, Anonamix, Doc Zootz, Billy Tha Kid, Tyla Griz and Incite. The album explores the dark side of the night filled with negativity, bad dreams and horrific thoughts.

The artists on this project span the world from Sweden, Philly, New York, Georgia, Canada, Kansas, Switzerland and New Jersey. The project embraces the nightmares, the evil of night time and the demonic nature of humanity. Dark lyrics lurk over evil production on this concept album from artists who dabble in various genres of Hip Hop. This is Home Grown Entertainment’s fourth and latest release.

The album will be available for free download on all artist’s websites. Shows are planned throughout November including opening up for Philly’s own Jedi Mind Tricks and taking part in the Best of the Underground showcase in Pennsylvania.
The first video for the title track “Wicked Dreams” can be see here.

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