Master Kush Review

Master Kush

Master Kush


Master Kush #1


Dispensary: Apothecary 420 (Los Angeles)

Grade: A/A-

Type: Indica

Lineage: Master Kush crossed with Hindu Kush

Looks: Frosty and leafy popcorn sized nugs. Army green buds with a few orange hairs and heavy trichome coverage.

Smell: Musty, earthy, minty, sweet and spicy. Immediately recognizable Kush scent.

Taste: A musty minty flavor close to the smell. Heavy Master Kush taste.

Buzz: A relaxing body buzz. Clear headed, mildy euphoric and moderately sedating. Good for the evening and for sleep.

Summary: A great tasting Master Kush with a comfortable buzz. I loved the minty scent and flavor. This batch really helped me sleep.

photos and review courtesy of ThatDog’

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