Malibu Pure Kush Review

Name: Epic Malibu Pure Kush

Dispensary: Medical Marijuana Relief Clinic (Sherman Oaks)

Grade: A+

Type: Mostly Indica

Lineage: A sister phenotype of 91 OG Kush.

Looks: Dense, tightly trimmed nugs completely covered in trichomes. Light and dark green buds with a few pale orange hairs. The buds looked almost white from the heavy trichome coverage.

Smell: Pine, sweet citrus, menthol and a touch of fuel.

Taste: A piney, sweet citrusy flavor just like the smell. The menthol taste was noticeable on early inhales and had a cooling effect. Rich vapor with heavy lung expansion.

Buzz: A peaceful and powerful high. The buzz was heavy with numbing effects felt from head to toe. Clear headed, euphoric and sedating. Best for the evening.

Summary: A fantastic example of a heavy Pure Kush. The buds were caked in trichomes and the taste was fantastic. The buzz was similar to Legendary PK, but heavier.


Courtesy of That Dog

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