Outside Lands 2011 – San Francisco, CA

The annual hipster epidemic the Outside Lands music festival took place last weekend in San Francisco last weekend and I had the opportunity to catch a ton of the concert with out buying a ticket.



We all got to baked and didn’t end up making it out lol


Dave Chappelle made an Appearance:

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Big Boi’s computer broke and forced him to cancel his performance:

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We trekked all over golden gate park stoned and terrified of the obnoxious amount of security. We ran into dozens of kids wandering the woods also trying to find a way into the concert. Their was a bearded hippie dude named Brian who was able to rally the people of the woods and we all marched to an alleged weak spot in the fence by one of the stages. Our group dwindled as we walked and as we finally reached the fence we had almost lost hope. Suddenly a giant stampede of people come charging down a hill like a scene out of brave heart and trampled down the fence and suddenly around 100 people standing on the outside ran into the concert pushing pass people to blend into the crowd.

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PS: these are people hopping the fence at outside lands 2010, hopefully a video from this year will pop up on youtube this week!

Dank Picks for Saturday

The Roots:

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Girl Talk:

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We made our way over to the spot from Saturday but were disappointed to find around a dozen security guards infront ready to tackle anyone who rushes the fence. Lucky their was a ton of people getting drunk on the hill which made for a huge party. We were had a dope view from outside the concert and got to watch people one by one try to hop over the 10ft tall fence. A good majority of people made it!

Dank Picks Sunday

Major Lazer:

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