Amante Da Prez – Smoke Out

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Definition:  1. A fresh breath to Hip-Hop, an escape from the norm, with smooth and clear vocals mixed with rhythmic blues and catchy hooks.

“I never claimed Gangsta, I never claimed Thug, but for some reason them ni@$as showing me love.”  This is a line from Amante’s song “Prezident’s Day” and pretty much summarizes Amante and his music.  Amante is a street poet who writes and speaks about the struggles of the streets.  Amante is the voice of the streets — speaking for the underdog — which is why he is labeled Da Prez, the peoples’ Prezident.

Amante was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to an African King and Queen and moved with his family to Atlanta at the age of three. Amante and his family moved from the Southside of Atlanta to the Eastside of Atlanta to the city of Lithonia, Georgia, where Amante grew to become a man.  In addition, Amante also spent a lot of his life living in different countries.  His African Heritage, life in East Atlanta, and having lived in different parts of the world have all influenced his music to make him a well-rounded artist.

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