Whats good?

I go by Musically Artistic Gifts from Zion or M.A.G.Z. My music is basically 3 things put together, weed, everyday thoughts, and doing what I love. I have a mixtape avialabe called Goodro Wilson availabe @ http://www.datpiff.com/MAGZ-Goodro-Wilson-mixtape.221698.htm

My goals in music are too say in my own words, smash the competition and bring back real music. Not that wack ass music thats pointless, party songs are cool but not for every song you feel me? Music today needs an equilibrium.

I am working on the biggest “Malbum” of my career which will be hosted by a DJ(unamed) and put on blast for the world too see. I have alot of hope for this project, my idea is bring the future or the progression of music back and bringing back the oldschool with the new unknown style that I have.

You can see everything M.A.G.Z. at www.magzmusic.com



Fat Kids Dreams

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