Video Rap 7/2/11

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sometimes i feel they seem blind
too the fact im
finna be great
gonna be destroyin yall
from hell too heavens walls
my power is rappin
and its super
Imma get you all
columbine shooters
imma make a come back
call me luther
Imma dribble the ball
call me hooper
Crazy Mufucka
got the game chockin
like i noosed her
Goin hard
like they used tuh
real music
what happened
with rappin
music pointless
drinkin and smashin
and still goin platinum
wheres thought in the art
where the beatboxin on the corner and freestylin
like the start
smashin on lunch tables in the 6th grade
was the best way too gets yur rhymes up wed say
but hey today
every kid has a fuckin mic in a room
and has a song on youtube
im tured of this shit dude
rappin is a way of life
not imitation of what u think u relatin
you HAVE no idea what it takes
but we gather the leaves that fell
like rakes
and we keep the pace
and keep space
because with that distance
and the bulshit in remission
bc with all that shit in combonation
we can all fuckin be great

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