Kidd Russell Picks Round 3

Hey this is Kidd Russell. Took a minute to get to this between rocking a show this weekend with Chris Webby and getting ready for my 3rd video in 3 months I was pressed for time. This one was a hard one to judge because the tracks intro is so fucking boring.  Most of the Emcees did the same thing over the first 30 seconds so I have to start with the newcomers cuz my man Slate did what I would have done and came in hard with a hook over the sample and then smashed the verse. So here is the TOP 2 in each round but over all my boy Slate Stone deserves the number 1 spot this week.


1. Slate Stone – Dude was the best of all of the them. Shout out to Slate for throwing a dope hook over the boring part of the song. I actually wanted to hear more of this dudes track he put together.
2. Scooba: Scoobas my dog I remember him from the early rounds. He comes in with a fresh concept and an extra verse.  Good shit as usual bro!
These are my boys they’ve been battling it out hard in the 1st few rounds. But over the intro of this song sort of made the round boring. Judging this straight on rhymes my top 2 is:
1. Magz: Sick over verse bro wish I had wrote a few of those lines and between his intro and outra had the best overall concept.  BEAST MODE
2.  Delirous came in and rocked this fucking verse hard as “a mother fucka” lol good shit homie. Just lacked in the concept section.
Good shit by all the emcees I look forward to hearing more…..

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  1. MAGZ January 15, 2012 at 2:46 am #

    Yeaaaaa Buddy forgot bout this

  2. MAGZ January 15, 2012 at 2:46 am #

    Yeaaaaa Buddy forgot bout this

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