Imma Put Us On (Music Video)

M.A.G.Z. Imma Put Us On (Music Video)


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this has been my city all my life
we raise our cups too the air
and pray too christ
we dont die tonite
cuz we young drunk
and trynna live life
told baby…go
mix me up a lil bit of dew and that vodka
was addicted too lean bc i mixed it too proper
floatin out my seat
kenny lofton
and now we grown
we gotta get tht cash
ha yeah
my mode on smash
hulk on thrash and
nobody in denver doin it big they say
so im here too say kiss my ass
simply said
hater hate strong
so i needa protect my chest
one bullet wit jealousy
then thats it
not sayin i gotta lot of enemies
but i only gotta few close friends
only trust my kin
im goin hard till its over…fin

im from mile high city
and we got it goin on
if u listen to my lyrics
up in this songmore

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