DankJamz Exclusive Interview: The Individuals

The Individuals are a 4 man hip-hop group out of Chicago, Illinois

Winners of 12 Marijuana Music Awards! They had their Music featured on Season Two & Three of the Hit Comedy Series WEEDS on Showtime. We had a chance to sit down with this group of rising stars, smoke a bowl and ask them a few questions


When did you guys all start doing music?

TCO: We first got together in 1998 but we all been Rapping since childhood.

Big Lou:  That’s what we do! We live for this shit!

What was your first big break?

TCO: It was winning 3 Global Marijuana Music Awards in 2005. We used that to make the press kit for SHOWTIME and Lionsgate and that’s how we got music on Weeds and got to perform at the 2005 Seattle Hempfest.

Ando: It’s all about building. Weed Smokers work hard!

What are you guys currently working on?

Big Lou: We finished our 3rd Album entitled ‘Marijuana Music’ but we got some interest from a Major Label so we put the Album on hold.

TCO: Yeah we need to see what’s going on and what they’re offering.

Raw Bizness: We also been working on solo material. TCO has an album done already and we all got a gang of  songs done for these solo projects.

Tell us about all the Marijuana Music Awards

Ando: The Marijuana Music Awards is one of the Greatest ideas ever, along with the High Times Doobie Awards.

Raw Bizness: It gives artist a chance to promote this 420 Music.

TCO: The Marijuana Music Awards was started out in Nimbin Australia where they have the Mardi Grass Festival. We can’t wait to go out there

Ando: and get Scummy.

Big Lou: We got 12 of them MMA Joints! We need to win a few Doobie Awards while we chasing Grammys! We need about 5 Grammys! These new songs are on some MTV Jams type shit. Straight Fire!

Who are your biggest influences?

Ando: We’ll keep it real! On some Weed shit Marc Emery was a big influence. When we saw him on Pot TV we were feeling that! Pot TV was the first place we had our videos shown. Then meeting Eddy Lepp and Jack Herer changed everything.

Big Lou: In 2004 we went to sale our first CD ‘Something To Smoke To” at the Seattle Hempfest and Eddy Lepp bought the first CD we ever sold! Fresh out the box Joe!

Ando: Eddy was the first person we met that day! Free Eddy Lepp and Marc Emery!

Raw Bizness: 4 real 4 real!

Ando: We got a lot of respect for the Kottonmouth Kings and Los Marijuanos for helping create a Marijuana Music genre.

TCO: On some Hip-Hop shit we’ll say Russell Simmons, Tupac,

Big Lou: Ice Cube, LL Cool J, & Will Smith for getting into Movies and TV

Ando: 50 Cent, Jay Z, and Lil Wayne when it comes to grinding for that paper

Raw Bizness:  Twista, Da Brat, Common, and Kanye for putting Chicago on the map

Who is the best rapper out today?

Ando: Me
Big Lou: Me
Raw Bizness: Me

Raw Bizness: We like all the Rappers/MCs out there.

Ando: We never knock another person’s grind. All Hip-Hop and Rap is good if someone likes it!

Raw Bizness; It’s not for us to say if a certain artist is good or not. If they have fans who love them why should we question what they like? No one person speaks for Hip-Hop or Rap!

Big Lou: On tha real. No one person speaks for music period. We don’t listen to Country music but that don’t mean it’s not good. If people like it, it’s good

What is your favorite way/place to smoke?

Ando: Our favorite place & way to Smoke is everywhere & constantly!

Big Lou: I can’t feel my face….


Check out more of the Individuals at Thisis420.us or on twitter at @TheIndividuals

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