Bud Of The Day: Santa Clementina

Name: Santa Clementina

From: La Maca (collective)/Barcelona, Spain

Grade: A

Type: Sativa

Genetics: Old school pure sativa kept by private grower.

Price: appx $25/8th (4.5 €/gram)

Looks: Dark green leaves with purple tips around airy buds, not tight at all and very, very sticky.  Even after a long cure the resin is still sticky and all over the nugs.

Smell: Not really a smelly strain.  Musky and outdoors fresh smell.  When burnt smells like regular weed, nothing fancy.

Taste: Sweet sugary taste, cotton candy like.  Not very strong and it doesn’t linger.

Buzz Type: Strong cerebral buzz that creeps on you.  This strain is a very powerful mind stimulant.  Not recommended to the novice as it can easily give the smoker the “paranoia” trip.  When I smoke the Clementina I stop talking and start working.

Not a night time smoke neither, this herb will keep you awake for hours.  I find this bud helps me when working on the computer, I type fast and multitask efficiently when on Clementina     It’s work time bud.

Buzz Length: Long.  2.5 – 3 hours.  No burn out.

Overall: Very potent stuff, this one is definitely for when you’ve got something you need to put your mind into.  I wouldn’t smoke this herb at a party or with less experienced friends,  it’s more of a “focus” smoke.

This is clearly not any kind of Netherland’s haze or sativa hybrids.  I really welcome this pure sativa strain kept alive for a long time now and thank the breeder for his work as this is one of the most devastating smokes I’ve had the pleasure to sample.  –levelnext-

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