The Story Behind “City”


Brooklyn, NY Indie artist. Born, mothered by Hip Hop. Raised, fathered by the environment. Citybegan to pick up his pen to write rhymes at the age of 9 years old. Inspired at that time by greats such asRun DMC, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, KRS- One & Kool G. Rap among other legends of that era. Harnessinghis skill freestyling in ciphers and writing songs. After the death of his parents he used his music &running the streets to escape the pain. By the age of 15 he began to experience recording his rhymes instudios. Supported by his uncle and aunt whom took him and his younger sister in after their parentsdeath it seemed as though City was headed somewhere great. Unfortunately he became side tracked by the streets and the pressure of supporting a new born son.

It wasn’t long before City found himself inlegal trouble which placed him with a 7 year sentence. During his incarceration he lost his passion forwriting and gave up rap and his dream.After tasting freedom for 2 years, happily married with a family of his own and a mind set tonever return to jail. He found himself struggling with a simple 9-5 work schedule. Tempted to transgressin order to support his family he bowed his head in prayer to ask God to show him a way. It was at thatvery moment that he began to write again.

This time with a stronger passion, drive and motivation. Citydelivers his story, journey and message displaying a lyrical skill that purely proves himself to be the ultimate recipe that Hip Hop today is lacking.Ready to embrace his destiny dropping his mix tape comeback “In The Belly Of The Beast“ . Hipto the politics and disgusted by the mockery of the Hip Hop culture he was raised in. City is the reflection of an artist traveling the path God has laid out before him that can’t be bought by money andfame. If Hip Hop is dead then bare witness to it’s resurrection!

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