Kidd Russell’s Picks: Unsigned Showdown Round 1

The  early entries to each round of the showdown will be reviewed by celebrity and rising recording artist Kidd Russell

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What up you guys its Kidd Russell.

Wanted to say good look to Nasty, Scooba & Delirious for taking the time to freestyle and doing anything they can to get themselves some exposure as an unsigned artist that’s all you can do is take every opportunity to get ahead.  I was never a big fan of Shyne but this beat was sick.  I think all the Emcees did great and brought their own style to the track but here is the break down and order of who I think did best and why:

1) Scooba:  I liked Scooba’s voice the best as well he had some fucking hilarious one liners. All in all he went in longer and harder then the other 2 artists and his he consistently switched up his flow.  Plus I liked when he was fucking around at the end of the song to give us a little bit about his personality.

2) Nasty’s: I liked Nasty’s double time lines in the middle of his free style and he went in pretty hard on this but I didn’t like the abrupt end felt like I wanted to hear some more.  He had some good lines but didn’t seem as well thought out as my man Scooba’s.

3) Delirious: Love the dow jones lines. Off all 3 artist I think Delirious had the most mainstream flow and voice.  But all in all very short freestyle and the lines I felt like I had heard 1,000 times.  Keep it up bro

-Kidd Russell


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