Dank Kids: Zynnia

Dank Jamz Exclusive Interview With Zynnia Jezek.

DankJamz: How Long Have You Been Doing Music?

Zynnia: Well actually we lived in Costa Rica and there was a lot of Caribbean music like Bob Marley, Reggaeton, stuff like that, Collie Buddz. And I actually moved to the United States and I got a green screen and my Mom, she was speaking and stuff and I had a little part in that too. I spoke about not being shy in front of the camera because a lot of people, even grown-ups that I know, get like stuck in front of camera, in front of audience and so I just wanted to relax people and I wanted to do more videos that people could actually relate to, like home stuff. So I started making cooking videos, videos about my garden, and I started doing music videos, and that’s pretty much where it all started. I think that the first music video I made was probably one where I was dancing and singing to Sean Paul, Lip synching. And that’s really how it started.

DankJamz: Who are your biggest influences?

Zynnia: Well, probably my greatest influence is my favorite artist, Collie Buddz. And actually a couple weeks ago we got to see Ziggy Marley live. He was really awesome, and it was just before Bob Marley’s Birthday. I like the Island, Caribbean music, and Ska,
Roots Reggae, Rock(er) Reggae and I actually learned about all the Ska, Roots, and Rock(er) Reggae because New Kingstons dad, the bass player, Courtney.

DankJamz: What project are you working on right now?

Zynnia: I’m actually in the studio recording my EP and I’m trying to find someone to produce them and find some rhythms for them. And my Mom is actually helping me out with that. We are looking on YouTube for the basic Ska, Roots, Reggae, The rhythms, Trying to sing it and laying it out pretty much. So that’s all I’m doing right now. I’m trying to figure out someone to produce those and get all the beats to match.

DankJamz: Can you share some details about that?

Zynnia: I actually got inspired after we went to the Collie Buddz concert because DJ PeeWee pulled me up on stage and I got to sing with Collie. It was really amazing. He was like my favorite artist. So yeah, I really got inspired to do that and after I came home I got like so many ideas in my head and I just started writing them down and then I figured out that they could all be songs and that there were about six songs and I decided to just make them into an EP.

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DankJamz: What’s in store for the future for Zynnia?

Zynnia: Well I’m just kind of trying to wrap up this EP and getting all that done. I’m meeting a lot of cool new producers and a lot of new people. I’m building and working on my website, I got a twitter page, facebook, youtube and I actually opened up my own store. And well, my dream is pretty much just to go to Harper Digital and record something with Collie but I’m still working on that (laughs). So there is actually a lot in store for the future!

DankJamz: Who is the best artist today?

Zynnia: I think the best artist today, yesterday and tomorrow is Collie Buddz.
And the artist that’s moving and shaking the most are Los Rakas because ever since the playback tour I’ve just seen them being interviewed, and making new videos and they’re just two really nice guys

DankJamz: What does reggae mean to you?

Zynnia: To me, Reggae means just sharing with everyone – peace, love, one love, one heart, unity, and I’m just trying to open peoples hearts, ears, souls and eyes. And yeah, I’m just trying to spread all that and spread love and unity and I’m so happy I’m trying to be a part of it. I’m actually BEING a part of it because the world needs it.

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