Dank Feature: Dale Chase

A Brooklyn born Hip Hop producer and MC, Dale Chase loves writing songs about geek culture. Having been a hobbyist programmer since the age of 12, it wasn’t a stretch when he decided to write  “Coder Girl” his ode to female programmers. Which resonated with women coders and went viral on YouTube. His sound was cultivated from a blend of artists like Pete Rock, Ski and Donald Fagen. Having been a fan of acts like Hieroglyphics, Digital Underground and Too Short, when it was time to head West, he could only settle in the Bay Area.

Dale has been busy, guest appearing on songs with Random, Zealous 1 and Funky49. He also supplied beats for Adam Warrock’s “This Man…This Emcee”. In August, Dale will be performing along side Dual Core at DEFCON 19 in Las Vegas. To be released in 2011, a new full-length album is also in the works. Wanting to do more producing, Dale is finally ramping up his production services. Look for many more collaborations and beat making credits in the future.


@daleochase on twitter


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