Summer Music Contest: Unsigned Showdown

DankJamz Unsigned Showdown!

The summer is a big time for new music so I figured it would be a perfect time to run a contest on the site. Unsigned Showdown will be composed of a several rounds where artist will record their own song over different beats and will submit it to DankJamz. The videos will then be placed up on the site and visitors will vote for the best version.

The main incentive for Artist to participate is a huge amount of free publicity and exposure but I would also like to give out prizes to the rapper with the most wins at the end of the contest as well as to some lucky voters

The prizes are still unclear while I still contact potenial sponsors

The beats for the first 5 rounds goes as follows,

1. Shyne – Bad Boys
2. Dr Dre – Next Episode
3. Styles P – Good Times (I Get High)
4. 2pac – Str8 Ballin’
5. Nate Dogg – I Got Love

Contestants are encourage to enter all round but maybe enter how ever many they like

For more information contact

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