Snoop Dogg Tells Wiz Khalifa to “Boss Up”

The rap superstar Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa collaborated last year for Wiz’z “Black and Yellow” remix. It’s repetitive, yet catchy rap lyrics have made this anthem a radio favorite. Rappers, kids and everyday listeners all share a commonality, they can’t stop chanting, “black and yellow black and yellow”.

Snoop Dogg is a household name, he has earned this fame due to is hard work, dope rhymes and his willingness to puff his chest out. His advice to Wiz Khalifa is not farfetched, it is what you would expect from the great Dogg. “He just always told me to stick to what I know, ’cause I know myself the best,” Wiz told MTV News Rapfix Live. “And boss up in every opportunity that I get.

Snoop Dogg clearly believes in this young rapper. “Snoop is a big fan of what I do and, of course, he’s a legend to me and it’s just an honor for him to be talking about me, speaking so highly of me and sharing the same views. I witnessed his career, and there was a time when my dad wouldn’t want me listening to Snoop. But as time went on and he got to see who Snoop was as a businessman and other avenues of life, then he really grew to respect him. I feel like, as long as I do me, like Dogg says, in time people will get it.”

Now, the living legened and rising star have made an announcement…

“We decided to go ahead and say, ‘You know what? Let’s do a movie and a soundtrack and just become, you know, bosom buddies and do what we do ’cause we love what we do and we love each other and at the same time, we know what the people want,’ ” said Snoop explained. “The people want to see the two generations come together where hip-hop ain’t about old school and new school. It’s just about good music and making good moves and putting something out there that’s classic where people can respect it and say, ‘Yeah, so now, this was some gangsta shit that really made hip-hop gradually grow to another level.’ ”


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