Ashton Kutcher is Stoked!

Kelso is going to star on 2 and a half men?

First he gets to star in a movie about sex buddies with Natalie Portman and now this! what a lucky dude
CBS announced friday that Ashton Kutcher, who first found sitcom stardom more than a decade ago on “That `70s Show,” will take over on 2 and a Half Men
“I can’t replace Charlie Sheen,” said Kutcher, he later went on to say he does plan to work very hard and try  ”to entertain the hell out of people.”
Kutcher’s quote was the news release’s sole mention of Sheen, who, two months ago, was fired by Warner Bros. Television when it cut short production of the show’s eighth season following Sheen’s public implosion through hard partying and angry criticism of series creator Chuck Lorre. The character that Sheen had played until then drew comic inspiration from his own life of sex sprees, serial marriages and substance abuse.
“I make a lot of money for doing very little work,” he boasted on the show’s premiere in 2003. “I sleep with beautiful women who don’t ask about my feelings. I drive a Jag. I live at the beach.”
Charlie Sheen, DankJamz loves you! keep doin what you do best!

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