Randy Couture’s Final Fight

Randy Couture is going to fight his last bout this saturday April 30th against Lyoto Machida.

Here is some brutal footage of machida:

“It really plays no factor in the decision I’ve made,” said Couture, who turns 48 in June. “It’s one that’s been coming for a while. I realize I’ve pushed it a lot further than anybody is going to push it and I just feel like I want to go out on my terms, and not after one or two or three losses and everybody else telling you that you should be retiring. I kind of want to do it when I want to do it. I think now is that time.”

“They offered me a couple of other guys and I turned them down, I’ve watched Lyoto for a couple of years now and am very appreciative of the way he competes. He just has such a unique style as an athlete. And I like that. Those are the kinds of fights that are intriguing and interesting for me.”

Couture (19-10) takes a three-fight winning streak into the bout against Machida who has lost two straight fights.

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