DankJamz Top Celebrity Stoners

Here are of few of the famous Pot smokers that we think are Awesome/Hilarious/Gangster and just overall very Dank:

Chris Tucker – Most famously known for the Rush Hour Movies, here is a scene from the best stoner movie of all time, Friday.

Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson smoked pot in the White House when Jimmy Carter was president.

He’s a member of NORML’s Board of Advisors.

He’s appeared on cover of High Times four times.

He was arrested in September 2006 when his tour bus was searched and police found more than 1.5 pounds of pot and three ounces of psychedelic mushrooms aboard. (He paid a fine.)



Snoop Dogg

Born on Oct. 20, 1972 in Long Beach, California, Snoop did time for selling cocaine as a teenager, but ultimately decided marijuana was the recreational drug for him. He’s appeared on the cover of High Times twice and was named Stoner of the Year in 2002. Snoop Dogg has been arrested for marijuana three times since 2006 – twice in Burbank, California and once in Stockhom, Sweden. In Feb. 2008, Snoop was ticketed for smoking outside a club in New York. He was sentenced to 960 hours of community service for the Burbank charges.




Joe Rogan – Host of NBC Fear Factor and UFC Announcer Joe Rogan has some pretty funny ideas about weed

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