DankJamz Exclusive Interview: Motive

Motive is a Miami based rapper who is only 18 but show an incredible amount of potenial. We were able to sit down and catch up with him about the latest project he has been working on.

Check out this sample: Everywhere We Go


DankJamz: whats the name of the project your working on?

Motive: The project that i’m working on right now is called “Smoking Section” its a collaboration mixtape with a well known local artist named Uptown Mula. It consist of original beats and a few throwback instrumentals as well. This mixtape is going to be a classic

DankJamz: How long have you been rapping?

Motive: i’ve been rapping since i was around 7 because 2 of my older brothers are rappers. but I started recording when I was 14 and started trying to pursue a career at 17.

DankJamz: who have been your mentors/influences?

Motive: Well really it’s the clique that i’ve grew up with. Miami Artist like Ransom Note Da Freshident, Ice Berg, Chris, Baybay aka twizem and a Rap group called “The Freshman”. There like my family and each one of them are doing there own thing and is on the road to sucess.

DankJamz: Whats the weed like down in florida and how do you prefer to smoke it?

Motive: The weed its great! I smoked all kinds of strands from Og Kush and Trainwreck, to Blue Dream and Sour Diesel, and all of em was official because I checked lol. and I prefer to use pure hemp papers but i’ll settle for tree wrap around a large crowd. but no roach gets spared when my bong comes in to play.

DankJamz: Who is the best rapper out right now?

Motive: Right now hands down it’s Jay-z. He is just to lyrical and has too much swagg for other competitors

DankJamz: Whats in the future for Motive?

Motive: Thats a million dollar question. But my goals is going on tour and having videos on mtv. I’m in it for the love of hip-hop more than the love of money so my goal is to get the ear of my fans and I know after that I can steal they heart with my music

here is a bonus track for everyone who is feeling the Motivator

Kush Lit

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