Willie Nelson sings his way out of Possession Charge

The country music icon was charged with possession of marijuana on November 26, 2010. Police found 6 ounces of cannabis on Nelson’s tour bus when he was stopped at the Sierra Blanca checkpoint. 3 people where arrested including Nelson who admitted that the pot was his. Nelson was held on a $2,500 bound and shortly released. County Attorney C.R. “Kit” Bramblett of Hudspeth County, Texas has been assigned to Nelson’s case. His suggestioned punishment: a small fine and a song.

“Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain,” to be exact.


The suggestion must still be approved by a judge when Nelson has to appear in court. Bramblett said in a phone interview on Tuesday that he can’t tell when the trial will take place.

“The sheriff has threatened me with my life if I do tell because he says that 50,000 people will show up in the town.”

Bramblett spoke highly of Nelson saying,

“He is an upright law abiding citizen for the most part. I am aware that he has been know to use pot for many years. I also know that Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson used to go out after supper and smoke a line of hemp and that’s what marijuana’s made out of.”


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