Rapper Tru Life sentenced to 8 years in fatal stabbing

Rapper Tru Life, formerly a member of Jay-Z’s entourage was sentenced Wednesday to eight years in prison for taking part in a fatal stabbing of a NYC man in June of 2009.

Tru Life, born Robert Rosado, was sentenced alongside older brother Marcus Rosado, who plead guilty to stabbing Christopher Guerrero to death and wounding another man in a June 2009 fight that involved both brothers. Marcus Rosado, 39, pleaded guilty last month to manslaughter and got a 10-year sentence; Tru Life, 34, pleaded guilty to gang assault.

Family members of Christopher Guerrero were flipping a bitch in the court room as they had anticipated a much harsher sentence.

Through testimony from their lawyers, the Rosado brothers said that Guerrero wasn’t their intended target in attack that followed an argument at a nightclub. Tru Life and his brother chased Guerrero and Jason Gray into an apartment lobby, where Guerrero was stabbed in the stomach and Gray suffered a cut that sliced an artery.

Talk about some gangster shit.

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