Japanese Mafia sends aid to tons affected by Tsunami

Crisis really has a way of pulling people together. After the devestating natural disater in Japan, Japan’s infamous mafia, the Yakuza, are contributing heavely  to the earthquake and tsunami relief effort.

The three largest Yakuza groups (similar to the crime families of the American Italian mafia), have sent dozens of trucks with a few hundred tons of goods to the devastated regions thus far, reports Japan crime expert Jake Adelstein. They’ve sent everything from diapers to batteries to muthafuckin top ramen.

Adelstein writes about the philopsophy of the Yakuza saying, “values humanity, justice, and duty and that forbids one from watching others suffer or be troubled without doing anything about it. Believers of ‘the way’ are expected to put their own lives on the line and sacrifice themselves to help the weak and the troubled. The yakuza often simplify it as ‘to help the weak and fight the strong,’ in theory,” Adelstein writes.

However the reality if the Yakuza frequently extort and manipulate the weak and some predict this is publicity move more then a humanitarian act

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