Dr Dre’s Awesome Day in Court

Resolution finally came to the law suit beginning in 2002 placed against Dr Dre by Detroit City Councilman Gary Brown and other officials.

The suit stemmed from an incident on July 6, 2000, when before a performance for Dre’s Up In Smoke Tour at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, officials told tour organizers they felt an intro video was too sexually explicit and demanded it not be played or else they would turn off the power. Dre and the rest of his tour compiled with the request, but the incident was videotaped, and the behind-the-scenes footage appeared on an Up in Smoke Tour DVD.


Gary Brown, who at the time was a high-ranking police officer, felt his privacy was violated since he asked that the video cameras be turned off.


“I would think I would have my rights protected, but that’s not the way the court ruled,” Brown told The Associated Press.

In 2000, Dr. Dre sued the cities of Detroit and Auburn Hills, Michigan, for $25 million for violating his right to free speech when Brown and others prevented the explicit intro video from being shown on the tour. The case was settled out of court, Dre received formal apologies from both cities, and police officials had to take First Amendment sensitivity training.

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